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Were you a child of the 70’s and/or 80’s in NYC? Do you consider yourself a Ralph Lauren – Polo aficionado? Well, it’s likely that you didn’t arrive at this self imposed proclamation without receiving some level of influence from the likes of Rack-Lo and Thirstin Howl III (Vic-Lo); the undisputed architects of the “Love and Loyalty” inner-city mantra, the founders of the Brooklyn, NYC originated Lo-Life Movement, and arguably, the pioneers of Hip Hop’s contemporary fashion sense.

This week on The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend (#TCOHHL) Radio, D.D. Turner and C. Stats take a trip back to 1988 with the Big Homie, Rack-Lo. Our discussion you ask? His journey, the origins of his world renowned flyness, the global influence of the Lo-Life Movement, popular Polo clothing themes, and equally as important, what he his currently working on.

Don’t fake jacks by being a #TurdBird! Tune in on Wednesday, August 5th from 8-10pm est and officially be Down By Law with #TCOHHL, #RackLo, and the historical #LoLifeMovement. And remember, #Love and #Loyalty always prevails. #WordIsBorn!

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