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It’s no secret, to be successful in life employing strategy is imperative. More than proving to be a formidable tool against those inevitable obstacles, it offers organization amidst the ever-present chaos. For context, let’s consider the discipline of a chess strategist/player. The absence of emotion veils the calculations of the mind; that strategic design that is ultimately disclosed upon the surface of a mere checkered pattern with monarchical pieces. For all intents and purposes, the game of chess is life’s simulator. By way of opponent intent and the assessment of it, your willingness to enforce strategy supports self-sustainability, and if executed correctly, triumph over your worthy adversary. Just ask Maurice Ashley – chess strategist/aficionado and the first African American to receive the “Grandmaster” title from the World Chess Federation, FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs).

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On this episode of TCOHHL (The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend) Radio, D.D. Turner, C. Stats, and DJ Jay St. Paul kick it with chess Grandmaster, Maurice Ashley. With him, the crew discusses his journey towards becoming a world renowned chess player, his effort to continue to increase the game’s exposure, and why everyone should consider the game and its inherent strategies as a tool to help navigate life’s obstacles.
And as usual, DJ Jay St. Paul entertains us with a mix that effectively highlights the game of chess’ reference in Hip Hop music. Click below to listen.

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We know that we’ve been away for a while but we are working diligently to enhance the readers/listeners experience while amidst The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend world. With this said, in a few weeks we will be launching an offer that involves Us giving You something for FREE! Salute!

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The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend scribe and creator, D.D. Turner, chats with the good folks at Hip Hop Today RED CUP RADIO. To hear about the COHH literary series and what inspires him when putting pen-to-pad , tune in this Friday (4/26/13) at 3pm (est). Click link below for more information.

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To say the least, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, remains an unparalleled literary series. We challenge you to find something similar to it. From Sneaker Culture to Gargoyles to Wizards to Sorcerers to Mix-Tapes to Flying Cars to Teenage Love to Education to Music Production to DJing, this work of fantasy-fiction literature provides your imagination with a rigorous workout. And never does D.D. Turner miss the mark of generational relevance. In short, this series is…Above The Rim.


A unique literary series that is...Above The Rim

This is where it all started. A simple yet previously unexplored plot idea by D.D. Turner and the visual manifestation of a self derived character named, Chris “Cipher” Ellison by Brooklyn Artist/childhood friend, Wong Dowling. More than ten years later, the pursuit of this passion [The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend] remains real.

Wong Dowling (1978-2007)…Rest In Peace.

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