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On this episode of TCOHHL (The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend) Radio, D.D. Turner welcomes his older, Corey Turner, Esq. to the TCOHHL experience and together they kick it with celebrated DJ, Music Producer, Documentarian, Hip Hop purveyor/protector, and Host of the Fran Lover Show, Fran Lover. With a relationship that goes back more than 30 years [with origins firmly planted in the Linden Housing development located in the East New York section of Brooklyn – NYC], the discussion unfolds in a manner that proves familiar, insightful, nostalgic, and entertaining.

And regarding the playlist? Let’s just say we appropriately explore Hip Hop’s Rap music timeline through an unfiltered and undisturbed East New York lens.


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What’s your expectation of fashion?
Is it aestheticism? Perhaps it’s intent; the conveyance of a particular message that the brand has committed itself to. For us at TCOHHL, it’s both; the ability of the brand to have visual appeal but also be suggestive in its message. Burgeoning apparel line, Blacktag Apparel (, effectively fulfills both expectations. And you don’t have to take TCOHHL’s word for it. Just refer to the countless celebrities and HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) that have endorsed/supported B.T.A.

This Wednesday on The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend (#TCOHHL) Radio, the dynamic duo, D.D. Turner and C. Stats, will be kicking it with Abdul Chatman, Founder and Designer of Blacktag Apparel. We’ll be discussing his journey, the creation of Blacktag Apparel, the intent/focus of the brand, and the future.
Call yourself a fashion aficionado? Then you’re going to love this episode! So tune in on Wednesday, September 30th, from 8-10pm est on

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While the production and acting values are noticeably lacking, the sincerity of the plot, its ability to examine the apparent ups and downs of criminal life in Brooklyn and beyond, and the successfully strategic manner in which life lessons are conveyed, makes the Money & Violence web series nothing short of intriguing. Truthfully, after completing the first season, what were considered production and acting issues in the beginning had become seemingly intentioned by the end; possibly even the willful facilitation of a method that would ultimately feed the overall context and feel of the story.

In short, the series is amazing! Welcome to the “Old Brooklyn.” A time and place when criminal intent was often coupled with an appropriate value system and loyalty served as the true cornerstone of any relationship. This is the Brooklyn that I know. The Brooklyn that I love.
Watch and support this independent web series by visiting

-An observation of new-age media by D.D. Turner (@hiphops_wizard – IG/Twitter)

The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend (Literary Series Synopsis):

Cris Alexander Ellison is a young man who, with great pride, overtly claims and supports the culture of Hip Hop. Little does Cris know that he has a direct genealogical link to an ancient, prophetic African tribe that is said to have sown the seeds for the Hip Hop ideal some several thousand years ago. As a result of this unique link to the past, Cris soon finds out that he is the anointed holder of an ancient mystical key; one that will release the current Hip Hop culture from its dwindling existence — and guide it back on the golden path of resurgence. 

Fully accepting his noble destiny, Cris sets out to fulfill the prophecy — only to encounter a major tumbling block in Roger “Feedback” Cromwell and his Hip Hop for Destruction clan. What follows next is a pulse-pounding race for survival as Cris tries to fulfill his date with destiny — and evade certain death at the hands of a ruthless enemy.

Like a master Hip Hop DJ on the wheels-of-steel, fantasy fiction author D.D. Turner masterfully mixes the beats of Hip-Hop culture, fantasy-fiction influence, and African history in a page-turning novel about an extraordinary man with an extraordinary destiny.

Powerful, moving, and riveting until the very last page, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend is a towering triumph by one of fantasy-fiction’s most prolific new talents. Order your copy today at! Now shipping to the 4 corners of the Earth!
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