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On this episode of TCOHHL (The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend) Radio, D.D. Turner and C. Stats kick it with the creators of the Tuskegee Heirs animated series, Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams. During our conversation, we discuss their respective roots, the artistry of animation, their amazing animated series, and the unparalleled history and courageousness of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Also, to celebrate the life, legacy, and genius of the legendary musician, Prince, we open up the show with a self-authored poem by TCOHHL Radio co-founder, Ishmael Street, followed by a review of why Prince will forever be regarded as an icon. And don’t worry, you appetite for a pure and authentic Hip Hop experience will be thoroughly satisfied.

Art, regardless of the medium, is subjective. When engaging art, individual interpretation affords us the opportunity to derive our own context regarding the inspiration and intent behind the work. Following this reasoning, one can appropriately deduce that, fundamentally Hip Hop provides the canvas of expression and the interpretive standards to which we adhere for the purpose of making a connection with its masterpieces. From Rap music to Graffiti to the pursuit of knowledge through education [institutional or otherwise], those of us that regard the culture’s elements as regular functions of our day-to-day lives generally do so in a manner that fits perfectly into the framework of our own individualism.

Introducing, Dan Lish; a consummate example of the aforementioned and a certified endorser of Hip Hop culture. As a talented visual artist and an ardent supporter of Hip Hop, Dan has proven that a place of mutuality can exist between two disciplines and the regular hampering of inhibition can be achieved when creativity and passion are always prioritized.

Real talk…Dan’s work is f@%king outstanding! Albeit a result of his individualism, Dan’s ability to visually interpret song content and the persona of some of Hip Hop’s most revered legends is inspiring, thought provoking, and surely endowed with the capacity to beckon intelligent and perspective driven Hip Hop conversation. To study his work is to submit to a realm of wonderment; forcing escapism to a magical destination where the cost of admission is limited to the mere engagement of subjectivity by one’s own interpretation. His choice of subtle colors and illustrative processes makes for a style that is completely his own; it allows those that indulge his masterpieces to not be lost in the over-saturation and blinding hues of bright colors. But instead, you find yourself swept away by Dan’s exertion of identified symbolism and its ability to portray the genius, iconic nature, and perhaps the interpreted innocence of our beloved Hip Hop legends.

Hip Hop has grown and its maturity is a mirror reflection of the intellect, skill, and creativity that it has fostered in us as its supporters. Consistently, Dan Lish provides evidence of this by allowing the synergy that exists between his life gift of intellect, skill, and creativity and his passion for Hip Hop in an effort to widen the culture’s perspective and further its social appeal and global relevance.

Visit and to see Dan’s artwork. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming “Dan Lish Episode” on TCOHHL (The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend) Radio (

-D.D. Turner, TCOHHL (The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend)

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To say the least, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, remains an unparalleled literary series. We challenge you to find something similar to it. From Sneaker Culture to Gargoyles to Wizards to Sorcerers to Mix-Tapes to Flying Cars to Teenage Love to Education to Music Production to DJing, this work of fantasy-fiction literature provides your imagination with a rigorous workout. And never does D.D. Turner miss the mark of generational relevance. In short, this series is…Above The Rim.


A unique literary series that is...Above The Rim

This is where it all started. A simple yet previously unexplored plot idea by D.D. Turner and the visual manifestation of a self derived character named, Chris “Cipher” Ellison by Brooklyn Artist/childhood friend, Wong Dowling. More than ten years later, the pursuit of this passion [The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend] remains real.

Wong Dowling (1978-2007)…Rest In Peace.

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If you’ve read The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, then you understand the integral role of the magical chain-medallion relic; a priceless heirloom that is said to contain the true powers of Hip Hop. Check out the series and find out how Chris “Cipher” Ellison and this timeless relic fight tirelessly to protect Hip Hop and its supporters from the threat of a vicious and gripping evil.

*The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend is a Fantasy-Fiction literary series by D.D. Turner.
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Check out the opening chapter for the 2nd installment of The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend (Cipher and the Lost Relic of Pangea’s Core). Set for release mid 2013. And because this installment is a continuation of the previous release (Paths of Grand Wizardry), this new installment will begin with chapter 37! Absolutely an unorthodox format for an unorthodox literary series!


Because we take a genuine interest in EVERY member of our Facebook fan page, we recently conducted a random geographic audit of some of our fans. What we’ve concluded? Our journey is just starting and we are already on our way to being global! Greece, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Kenya, Australia…These represent just a few places where people are supporting the literary series, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend. And with this said, we’re on a mission to continue spreading the word and want you to be a part of the team. This is what we need from you…

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Check out the interview with D.D. Turner tonight on KWOD Radio. Hear him discuss The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, his inspiration, and the goal that he has for his amazing literary series! 

Tune in – 8:30 pm (est) / 7:30 pm (cst) / 5:30 (pst)

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The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend (Literary Series Synopsis):

Cris Alexander Ellison is a young man who, with great pride, overtly claims and supports the culture of Hip Hop. Little does Cris know that he has a direct genealogical link to an ancient, prophetic African tribe that is said to have sown the seeds for the Hip Hop ideal some several thousand years ago. As a result of this unique link to the past, Cris soon finds out that he is the anointed holder of an ancient mystical key; one that will release the current Hip Hop culture from its dwindling existence — and guide it back on the golden path of resurgence. 

Fully accepting his noble destiny, Cris sets out to fulfill the prophecy — only to encounter a major tumbling block in Roger “Feedback” Cromwell and his Hip Hop for Destruction clan. What follows next is a pulse-pounding race for survival as Cris tries to fulfill his date with destiny — and evade certain death at the hands of a ruthless enemy.

Like a master Hip Hop DJ on the wheels-of-steel, fantasy fiction author D.D. Turner masterfully mixes the beats of Hip-Hop culture, fantasy-fiction influence, and African history in a page-turning novel about an extraordinary man with an extraordinary destiny.

Powerful, moving, and riveting until the very last page, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend is a towering triumph by one of fantasy-fiction’s most prolific new talents. Order your copy today at! Now shipping to the 4 corners of the Earth!
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More than a viable brand for literacy, “The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend” represents a movement that looks to create a plausible platform to address the problem of teen illiteracy. How do you get teens to express a genuine interest in reading? Here’s a reasonable response: Provide a story that speaks directly to their lifestyle and interests all the while maintaining a tone that remains aligned with their age. Simply put, this is “The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend”. for more information. #Hip-Hop #Rap #Books #Reading #Teen #COHH