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To say the least, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, remains an unparalleled literary series. We challenge you to find something similar to it. From Sneaker Culture to Gargoyles to Wizards to Sorcerers to Mix-Tapes to Flying Cars to Teenage Love to Education to Music Production to DJing, this work of fantasy-fiction literature provides your imagination with a rigorous workout. And never does D.D. Turner miss the mark of generational relevance. In short, this series is…Above The Rim.


A unique literary series that is...Above The Rim

Our design team is amazing! The marketing imagery that they come up with is definitely a reflection of the colorful and multi-dimensional nature of the series, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend. Doesn’t this make you want to pick up a copy? We are still having our 2 for 1 sale; purchase Book #1, Paths of Grand Wizardry, for $15.00 and receive an Advanced Reading Copy of Book #2, Cipher and the Lost Relic of Pangea’s Core, for free. Not only are you receiving 2 books for the price of 1, you get the exclusive opportunity to read Book #2 prior to its release date!

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