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If you’ve read The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, then you understand the integral role of the magical chain-medallion relic; a priceless heirloom that is said to contain the true powers of Hip Hop. Check out the series and find out how Chris “Cipher” Ellison and this timeless relic fight tirelessly to protect Hip Hop and its supporters from the threat of a vicious and gripping evil.

*The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend is a Fantasy-Fiction literary series by D.D. Turner.
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Even with his busy schedule, Hip Hop savior and wizard, Cris “Cipher” Ellison from The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend literary series, has found time to attend the NBA’s most exciting weekend. Are you in Houston attending the All Star Weekend festivities? Then look for “Cipher” around the Toyota Center for a chance to receive some of our free promotional items. Find out why this New Age literary series by D.D. Turner is so “Trill” #allstarweekend #Houston #TheChroniclesOfAHipHopLegend


Because we take a genuine interest in EVERY member of our Facebook fan page, we recently conducted a random geographic audit of some of our fans. What we’ve concluded? Our journey is just starting and we are already on our way to being global! Greece, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Kenya, Australia…These represent just a few places where people are supporting the literary series, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend. And with this said, we’re on a mission to continue spreading the word and want you to be a part of the team. This is what we need from you…

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On behalf of the entire Turner Scribe Publishing Group, we’d like to take this opportunity to express our deepest and most sincere condolences for the families impacted by today’s heinous event in Connecticut. As a movement that is partly inspired by the inherent good and innocence in children, we too are overcome with grief as result of today’s tragedy. May God bless all of those impacted.


The below image represents another climactic beginning. This excerpt is from book #2: The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, Cipher and the Lost Relic of Pangea’s Core (releasing in early 2013). As you will note, book #2 begins in a rather unorthodox way; it begins with Chapter 37. This is because D.D. Turner wants you, the reader, to feel as though you are making progress in this multi-installment literary series.

“It’s absolutely wonderful to make decisions without having to answer to a major corporation/publisher; I only have to meet the approval of my readers. Being independent is the move!”

-D.D. Turner


A page from the climactic beginning of: The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, Paths of Grand Wizardry


Stickers are in! And as a result, we will be announcing a global giveaway event in a few weeks. A chance to win signed copies of The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend books, stickers, and other promotional material! 

To our American readers/fans, wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season!


Check out the interview with D.D. Turner tonight on KWOD Radio. Hear him discuss The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, his inspiration, and the goal that he has for his amazing literary series! 

Tune in – 8:30 pm (est) / 7:30 pm (cst) / 5:30 (pst)

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More than a viable brand for literacy, “The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend” represents a movement that looks to create a plausible platform to address the problem of teen illiteracy. How do you get teens to express a genuine interest in reading? Here’s a reasonable response: Provide a story that speaks directly to their lifestyle and interests all the while maintaining a tone that remains aligned with their age. Simply put, this is “The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend”. for more information. #Hip-Hop #Rap #Books #Reading #Teen #COHH


Another awesome review! Thanks for the analytic review, Terrance.

Reader Review

“Okay. Several reasons why you should check out this series:

1) The level of writing is phenomenal.
2) The story provides an image of Fantasy/Sci-Fi over the constant presence of the Hip Hop culture/lifestyle. This is the connection to today’s teen.
3) The story is absolutely clean and free of derogatory subject matter.
4) The story provides a new and refreshing take on Teen/Young Adult literature.
5) The story dispels the myths concerning urban culture and the position that Hip Hop plays in it.
6) All around captivating and fun story. This is a must have.

An excellent work of literature by a great talent.”  -TPG

This review represents merely one of several positive accounts of readers that have indulged our literary series, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend. But don’t take our word for it…Derive your own conclusion by visiting today.