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How do you celebrate the life and legacy of, Sean Price? In a public forum, preferably one that is broadcasted, you invite his brother and arguably the person, following his immediate family, that knew him best. That would be, the Rock[ness] Monstah (most commonly known by true Hip Hop heads as, ‘Rock’) from one of Hip Hop’s most notable and quotable premier lyrical tag-teams, Heltah Skeltah.




Next Wednesday, February 17th, TCOHHL (The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend) Radio kicks it with the Rockness Monstah. From life in Brooklyn to his brotherhood with the legendary, Sean Price, to his perspective on the current state of lyricism and music, Rock gives us an interview and discussion that is sure to keep you thoroughly enthralled. As well as, new music that will undoubtedly get you excited about the “Buck-Town” legend’s upcoming project(s).

You know the drill! Don’t be a #Turdbird. Visit to hear the interview. And while you’re there, hit the “Follow” button.

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