Truly an entertaining and inspiring read for the young adult community. Never has Hip Hop and Fantasy-Fiction come together like this…
Still coming to grips with the power of his B-boy wizard identity, Cris “Cipher” Ellison finds himself not short of the precarious and dangerous tasks that come with the persona. But in addition to warding off the regular threat of evil against Hip Hop by Roger “Feedback” Cromwell and the Hip Hop for Destruction clan, young Cris and his princely alter-ego must find and reclaim several lost relics that are said to contain the true magical powers of Hip Hop, and have reportedly followed the migration of his African ancestors away from the cradle of civilization. An urgency to reclaim the first lost relic sends both he and the intelligent Lynx, Lennox, to the ancient lands of the prophetic Black Five Tribe. What they encounter is sure to provide an unimaginable experience and shake the Legendary B-boy Foundation to its core…
Striking a balance between school, love, loss, his music, relationships, and death proves to be a formidable task for the young Cris…Find out how he maintains in, Cipher and the Lost Relic of Pangea’s Core, the second installment of the amazing literary series, The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, by D.D. Turner.


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