Publicity ImageFor the exception of several business related email exchanges, I hadn’t heard from D.D. telephonically since that last, extremely early morning, border-line rude, R.E.M. interrupting call on the 30th of January. But today, as I answered the beckoning and resounding proprietary ring of my T-mobile Galaxy, I found myself greeted by an enthusiastically tonal D.D. Further to this point, Hip Hop – Fantasy Fiction author, D.D. Turner, has arrived at the doorstep of completion for The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend’s second installment, “Cipher and the Lost Relic of Pangea’s Core.” While I have been briefed with the full scope of this edition’s plot, I have been sworn to secrecy by D.D.; if the mere context of his vocal tone was any indication, my inability to keep the plot information a secret will surely lead to my disappearance…Just joking. The previous statement concerning my disappearance was self-derived and intended to provide an image that was illustrated by the brush strokes of jestful intent. Some how, I get the distinct feeling that I fell extremely short of achieving this. Anyhow, I shall now enter into a humble realm of digression.
Until next time, “Loving thine own self need be mastered before one embarks on the selfless task of loving someone else.” – F. Sampson Kincade, ca. 1978
The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, Cipher and the Lost Relic of Pangea’s Core” – In store mid 2011.

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